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Ronan Zille

Honest & transparent advice Specialist

With more than 15 years of experience in prominent advisory roles within leading boutique firms, Ronan has garnered an industry reputation for his impeccable attention to detail and the personalised approach he takes to serving each client.

Over the years, Ronan has developed an acumen for guiding clients through the complexities and considerations surrounding a wide range of areas within the wealth management domain, with particular focus on investments, strategy and superannuation, including self-managed superannuation.

Ronan works closely with a broad range of clients, from families looking to maximise their existing situation to those who are approaching retirement and are seeking to maintain their existing lifestyle after their working life.

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Ronan Zille

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This service is suitable for those who wish to understand their current financial position and what it may look like at a chosen point in time with the ultimate identification as to whether your current path is on track to achieve your goals and objectives. This service analyzes your “where” and “where are you going” yet dives deeper into what risk you have and are you positioned to achieve what you may have in mind.

including GST

This service is for those who are self motivated yet lack an appropriate plan from which to execute a range of strategies to achieve your goals and objectives. In this statement of advice, you will be provided with recommendations and tools to manage your own wealth trajectory, understand what risk you are taking and how prevailing markets could govern your performance, understand your ongoing investment and platform cost obligations and what your path to financial independence may look like in working towards achieving your goals and objectives.

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This is a full concierge service. It is aimed at those who are either time poor, lack the relevant financial confidence to manage their own investments or wish to access a suite of investment products outside the reach of an individual investor. Within this statement of advice, you will be provided with all the tools and recommendations specific to your path to achieving your goals and objectives yet fully managed by Compound Financial Planning. You have full access to our team with at least an annual formal full review meeting to ensure your goals and objectives are on track.

Quote specific to individual needs - charged annually including GST.


I have been an adviser since 2008. I specialised in cash flow projections, portfolio construction and management, portfolio risk management and sequencing risk avoidance in retirement planning. Following my accounting degree, I worked in a mid tier chartered accounting firm on self managed superannuation funds prior to portfolio management.

You are always the owner of your account and assets at every stage of the advice process. Our role is to advise you how best to allocate your investments to meet your goals and objectives. We may use 3rd parties through which to achieve this. They can include investment platforms, industry super funds and brokerage accounts. At every stage of the process, you (or your related entities) will be the primary owner of each of these accounts and your funds will be transferred between them. As an added layer of security, we only nominated your personal (or entity’s) bank account for all transactions leaving your investment account(s).

Yes. There are a number of layers of fees to which you will be obligated to pay. These are inescapable and occur within self directed investors, industry super funds, direct stock ownership, managed funds and alternative investment vehicles. The following table summarises the most common costs incurred by investors:

TypeCollection MechanismFrequencyEstimated range Description
Advice FeeInvoice or deducted from investmentsEither ad hoc or charged annually Please see how fee tableAdvice fees for the preparation of an investment plan (and ongoing management if selected)
Administration FeeCharged through relevant platformUsually a monthly fee% based on the amount invested within the portfolio This is akin to a banking fee and is charged for the security, reporting and visibility of your portfolio. It is also the ecosystem through which you access most investments 
Investment Management Fee (Managed Funds, ETFs, Listed investment companies etc)Ongoing at the investment levelMonthlyThey range from as low as 0.10% and up

These fees are deducted from your investment return and are paid to the institution who manage your investments. They are widespread and even used in industry super funds. You receive a net return with the fees being already deducted. For example, if investment XYZ charged you a fee of 0.5% p.a and that year produced you a total return of 12.50% – your return will be 12.00% 

Some investments have a performance fee for out performing their objectives which varies and is on top of the monthly fee. 

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) & Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA)Ongoing at the investment levelMonthly% based & predicated on the portfolio manager and management company.These are portfolio fees charged for the ongoing management of your investments. They range depending on complexity, scale and underlying mandate. 
Transaction Costs / Buy Sell FeesAt the investment level when transacting into and out of an investmentOnce off at the time of each trade. Investment dependent and platform / broker dependent These costs cover market changes during investment purchase and or the use of brokers for direct stock purchases. 

You are entitled to an annual review however we strive to build and develop a collaborative relationship and as such we are available to our clients as and when it is needed – there is no additional cost for this and is part of working to deliver on achieving your goals and objectives.

Depending on your personal preference, you may receive regular

  • performance updates,
  • market summaries
  • Economic updates
  • Legislative changes which could affect you

We work with you to provide you with the blueprint on how you will best move forward to achieve your goals and objectives. This is a comprehensive analysis of your current situation which is measured against your risk appetite. Expressed in a full comprehensive statement of advice, we seek to provide you with a cost competitive portfolio, step by step strategic process to follow all through which you can easily administer and implement our recommendations. It is important to note that within this service, we work with you until the implementation stage whereby we hand over the full processes thereafter to you to commence or continue your self direct journey.


Choosing a new adviser and building trust can be a daunting process. The majority of clients have been with Ronan for over 10 years as he has fostered deep relationships throughout the advice process. Whilst trust is built throughout time, first impressions are generally a good indicator as to how a relationship could unfold. We absolutely welcome an obligation free 15 minute zoom to identify if there is a platform from which to build a professional relationship.